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GCRC720 Rural Emergency Nursing Care: Knowledge and Theory
Course commences Mar 2018. For more information CLICK HERE


Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice: Rural Nursing Speciality

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Rural nursing is extremely rewarding, but rural nurses often face unique challenges. Small clinical teams mean nurses require a wide range of generalist skills, and at the same time their rural and remote location means they can be isolated from training and education.

For these reasons Mobile Health, in partnership with Ara Institute of Canterbury, has developed a Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice: Rural Nursing Speciality.

The course material, and delivery have been tailored specifically for rural nurses. The focus of the course is on self study, 'learning by doing', being 'critical' about aspects of rural nursing and using a wide range of tools and technology to answer key questions. Those who do best will be those who seek out answers for themselves. The course developers strongly believe that the best learning is not from powerpoint lectures, rote learning and examination. Instead it comes from an environment that fosters initiative, enquiry and critical thinking.

  • Wide range of core topics 
  • Specific rural health papers
  • Primarily learning can be completed from home or work

Entry and Qualification

This qualification is open to Registered Nurses with New Zealand registration. Some courses require students to be currently employed in the specialty and have a current New Zealand practising certificate issued by the Nursing Council of New Zealand. On completion of this programme you will gain the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice: Rural Nursing Speciality.

Scheduled Courses

  • Compulsary courses: 40-45 credits must be completed. For information CLICK HERE
  • Elective courses: 25 credits required. For information CLICK HERE

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for scheduled dates for courses.