The Mobile Surgical Unit helps people off the wait list


Surgeons and Anaesthetists from Southern DHB spent four days of last week working on the Mobile Surgical Unit that was located in Oamaru and Balclutha.

Southern DHB doctors, Dental Surgeon Dr Tim Mackay and Anaesthetist Dr David Hunt along with other doctors, worked on the Mobile Surgical Unit during the four days and made the most of the 'extra capacity week' organised for Southern DHB.

During the week, there were multiple surgeries completed including dental, plastic and general surgery, a total of 28 patients were treated during the week.

"This is a fantastic service that assists our rural communities by providing low risk surgery, providing care closet to patient's homes, and shortening our waitlists. Over two days I was able to complete seven dental surgery cases in both Oamaru and Balclutha, taking 14 people off the waitlist," commented Dr Mackay.

Late last year, Southern DHB Commissioners and Mobile Health met and arranged for an 'extra capacity week', for Southern DHB to utilise the Mobile Surgical Unit as an extra to be used in the southern district.


Mobile Health is a privately owned company that works in partnership with the Ministry of Health, District Health Boards and other health providers to deliver low risk elective day surgery to rural New Zealanders.

Mark Eager, General Manager for Mobile Health commented, "We operate in five locations in the southern district, we have a good working relationship with the DHB and are keen to continue and assist where possible. Southern DHB has the biggest spread of specialities to meet the patients' needs across the district. In the last financial year the Mobile Surgical Unit has completed 1450 operations across New Zealand and 337 of these were in Southern DHB alone."