Lessening the Paper Trail on the Road


The healthcare industry is known for the endless amount of paperwork. Forms are used for health records, workflow, orders, clinical data, laboratory results, timesheets and many more cases. However, most healthcare providers today agree that electronic medical records can help reduce costs, speed up diagnosis and improve patient care, as well as have a positive impact on the environment.  To be able to centralize care using an electronic workflow was something that could greatly benefit the mobile surgical unit, and so earlier this year Mobile Health introduced Getz Clinical to the bus.

The prevalent benefit of Getz Clinical to the surgical bus is its timeline functionality; this allows clinical staff to view a patient’s progress from recovery to discharge, in a reliable and efficient format. Getz Clinical Anesthesia uses clinical software modules that support the perioperative workflow from preoperative assessment through to post anesthetic care units. These modules build anesthesia-based clinical artefacts about patients, providing clinicians and hospital administrators with the most relevant and up-to-date clinical information. These records can then be accessed at any location, a very handy feature for a mobile operating theatre.

Glenn Sneddon, Getz Clinical Australia and New Zealand Manager, has been training our rural nurses on the surgical bus, to help get them familiar with the new system. “Getz Clinical is thrilled to have the opportunity of deploying its state of the art cloud based perioperative information management solution, GCC, into Mobile Health. From day one the friendliness of staff and desire to embrace a new solution on the MSU has been fantastic. Whilst along the way there have been challenges in some remote locations with patchy internet connectivity and the odd cyclone, however both Mobile Health’s and Getz Clinical’s people have, and continue to, collaborate to ensure Mobile Health continues to provide quality patient outcomes by utilising a comprehensive clinical information solution on wheels! We look forward to more adventures together.”

Founded in 1852 by Joseph and Max Getz, having settled in Northern California after emigrating from Eastern Europe, The Getz Group began as a local general store to serve the community. Today, The Getz Group provides products and services in over 50 countries, across six continents.

Photo; Chris Heath (Anaesthetic technician) and Rural Nurses of Oamaru

Lessening the Paper Trail on the Road