The New Zealand Telehealth Resource Centre is live.

The New Zealand Telehealth Resource Centre is a free service providing resources and advice to clinicians and practices looking to implement telehealth facilities. The centre was formed by a partnership between the New Zealand Telehealth Forum and Mobile Health. This collaboration provides a wealth of information combined with practical knowledge and experience.


Telehealth comes in many forms. It can best be described as using information or communication technology to deliver health or medical care from a distance. This includes remote video conferencing consultations for outpatient clinics, the collection of clinical information regarding a patient being sent to a specialist for evaluation and specialist clinician involvement in emergency cases where a local specialist is not available. It also encompasses education delivery via video conferencing.

The resource centre provides practical advice on the process of implementing telehealth. It provides tools for self-assessment, technological advice including networks and equipment, templates for writing business plans and guidance on regulations and standards form various councils and organisations. It also includes a number of case studies and examples of use in the health care environment. The assistance doesn't end with just information. The New Zealand telehealth resource centre can also provide on-site assistance to aid in need assessment, implementation and demonstrations.

The Resource centre does not sell equipment or software which allows them to provide unbiased expert advice on equipment and systems that will best suit the needs of the individual health care facility.

For more information regarding telehealth visit the New Zealand Telehealth Resource Centre at, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 03 977 4500.