2017 Rural Nurses Meeting1704 A3 Lecturn Sign

The 2017 Rural Nurses Meeting was held in Wellington from Thursday 11th May until Saturday 13th May.

  • Denise Saussey (Mobile Health) - Clinical Updates
  • Dr Tom Mulholland (SMO, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Auckland Hospital) - Parking the Ambulance at the Top of the Cliff
  • Heather Gunter (Registered Nurse), Karyn Bousfield (Director of Nursing West Coast DHB) – Matt's Story
  • Dr Stu Gowland (Mobile Health) - Dealing with the Coroner
  • Dr Annette Beautrais (University of Canterbury) - Safe Hands Workshop
  • Gemma Hutton (Practise Nurse, South Westland) - Practise Nursing in Remote South Westland
  • Dr Sven Hansen (The Resilience Institute) - Wellness, Resilience Workshop

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